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Access Control Entry System Los Angeles


In today’s market commercial establishments and other institutions need to secure themselves from intruders more than ever. Access control systems are purposely installed to odit incoming persons. The larger the number of people entering any business establishment the more sophisticated security measures should be as there would be a higher risk. So, if you’ve not ensured sound access control security systems for your business, you’ve got to blame just yourself for any leak of your confidential data.



The type of access control entry system and the manner in which you want it installed is crucial. Physical or electronic, basic one-door or multi-door, cards or keys, you have to work upon how stringent you want it to be and at what points. A simple door access system regulated with keys can be turned into a more effective physical barrier through electronic access control. Card access system where access control cards simply need to be swiped through is becoming very common these days. But, if you want strong security authentication for single sign-on, it’s a smart card access system that you are looking for. Electronic lock/unlock systems are a breakthrough in access control technology. There’s so much in store for you. If you’ve not thought of what’s practically meeting your specific needs, your security barrier solutions are on a compromise.


WE are a leading company in access control and keyless entry applications in Los Angeles. Fifteen years of perseverance building up our security access control department to provide high-end solutions to our clients have enabled us to design most sophisticated access control systems one can think of. Our skilled technicians can install and repair “ALLACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS” using the industry-leading brands like IEI, SECURITRON, RCI, LINEAR, AIPHONE, DOORKING, ALARM LOCK, DETEX, and many more.

So, if access control concern is getting on your nerves, don’t let it be. Give us a call today to learn more about our solutions for your access control security needs. Looking for access control systems Los Angeles or security access cards Los Angeles, get in touch with us! Lion Security Locksmith Los Angeles, CA

Intercom Installation & Repair

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If you are in the need of a new intercom system or your intercom system needs repair and service, we are the ones to call. Access Masters specializes in intercom installation, troubleshooting and repair. We understand the need to make your living or working place more secure and we are proud to offer you our assistance.

No matter if you are changing or installing a new gate or door, doing some remodeling or you simply want to upgrade your home or business security, we got you covered. We work with all major brands in the industry and we keep up with the latest technology. Our technicians are well trained, skilled and experienced professionals, they will guide you and advise you through the whole process of intercom installation. We are proud to be one of the leading companies in our business and we strive to provide even better service to satisfy all your residential and commercial security needs. We respect that you choose us and we’ll provide you with the best intercom installation & repair service. Through years of providing professional intercom installation & repair services we have gained the necessary experience to make us one of the best intercom installation & repair service companies with many satisfied customers.

We have special services available to make your intercom installation & repair a lot easier, so do not hesitate to call us the moment you need us and get the same day service, we are more than happy to offer you our help and provide you with top quality intercom service.

intercom service in Los Angeles
intercom service in Los Angeles

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We offer same day service and our team is experienced and they know their work well, performing it quickly and efficiently.

All our services are well calculated prior to being performed in order to provide you with the best and most cost efficient solution. Therefore you can just sit back and relax while we install or repair your intercom until it is as good as new.

Our team of technicians is highly trained and experienced. We’ll do our very best in order to make you satisfied with our service by providing you with the best help, guidance and technical service.

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